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At The Lynch Retirement Investment Group, we understand that even though your financial future is personal and individual to you, you do not need to undertake this journey alone. We assist individuals and families in charting a path from their current, unique situation to their long-term financial and personal goals. As Financial Advisors, we always put our client’s priorities and needs first.
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A Multi-Service Experience

What will we be doing?

A Customized Comprehensive Financial Plan

Our complimentary Comprehensive Financial Plan accounts for your risk tolerance, time horizon, and retirement investment goals. We perform a detailed assessment of your current retirement investment strategy, measure your probability of success, and make recommendations where necessary, to help improve your chances for success. Our goal is singular and simple: to help you achieve your goal of a confident and comfortable retirement.

The Onboarding Process

Our onboarding processes are aimed at ensuring that your transfer of assets and accounts is as seamless and painless as possible. Our seasoned and friendly client services team handles all of the forms and paperwork, involving you only when it is absolutely necessary.

Asset Management and Review

We believe that our professional and understandable approach to asset management and investment monitoring distinguishes us from the competition. Beyond explaining how your funds will be initially allocated, we keep you informed about the performance of your investments as well as the global markets. You’ll get a call from an advisor and a detailed, in-person review of your account. You’ll also receive invitations to frequent Market Watch and Assessment Conference Calls where you and other clients can pose questions to our advisors, as well as to highly regarded industry professionals and guest speakers on topics associated with the markets and specific investments.

Guide you through the retirement years

As a client of the Lynch Retirement Investment Group, you are part of our family. This relationship means that in addition to helping you plan for and achieve a confident and comfortable retirementwe help you enjoy your retirement years as well. Per your wish, we can advise you on various decisions during your retirement years that require the deep experience of seasoned financial professionals and trusted friends.

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