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Retirement Financial Analysis

We think it is essential to establish a retirement plan well before you retire. Typically we recommend initiating the process five years before your projected retirement date. Our advisors can prepare a Retirement Financial Analysis that shows clients if they are on track to meet their retirement goals. The first step of the retirement financial analysis process is identifying retirement goals and all sources of retirement income. We then complete a Goal Planning and Monitoring Profile for each client.
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How does it work?

Once we have completed the Retirement Financial Analysis, we monitor your progress every three to six months and make changes when necessary.

As a part of the Goal Planning and Monitoring Profile process, we conduct a Retirement Financial Analysis using Monte Carlo simulations that “stress tests” your retirement in various market environments. The purpose of the “stress tests” is to determine whether you are on track toward meeting your retirement goals or, at the very least, achieving the most important ones.

The Retirement Financial Analysis process aims to help clients plan for and implement their retirements.

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